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Hot little cuties Alisa and Sasha from have petite teen lesbian sex.  My oh my, I would describe both of these delightful girls as cute as buttons but I really have never seen a button that could hold a candle to either of them.  It is amazing that these two petite slender hotties are so different looking and yet can both achieve this extreme level of cuteness.  Even taken separately they have an overpowering adorableness to them, put them together naked in the same scene and it is like a pure sweetness overload.

The affection worn upon their pretty faces as they stare lovingly at one another is as big a turn-on as anything else in this scene.  Almost as if to say “Boy, am I ever going to enjoy this!”  “Same here my gorgeous friend, same here.”  The playful flirtatious kisses they exchange and the innocent pawing of small breasts is just an appetizer for the full course of sexuality they are about to embark on.  Tongues are set to vigorous licking of pussies and fingers are anally inserted and as if that wasn’t enough they move onto putting various kitchen utensils up their little asses.  Fantastic!

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